Week notes: 27 May – 2 June 2024

Do more nemawashi, macabre limit, joyless spend.

“Tell me about work without telling me about work”. 

I did a 3-day week (took Friday off) which included a discussion with important people about an important thing that mostly went fine but I got feedback from the boss to do more nemawashi in future (he didn’t use that word, but that). Fine. 

Otherwise I worked on a related business case; held an investigation meeting; and joined a creative discussion which was a welcome break from the angsty thing I’ve been so focused on.

The second edition of Content Design came out, with my foreword. I enjoyed writing it and was flattered to be asked. A conversation with BFI’s content designer Jem helped me a lot.

Two pics from my commute:

My Friday off was horribly blustery for the last day before June. I took the half-term teens out to two free things in Holborn: the Hunterian Museum and Novelty Automation. Both incredible. 

I finally found my limit for the macabre: it’s about halfway down the Hunterian’s long corridor of display cabinets filled with facehugger-esque specimens, when I wanted to take off and nuke the entire site from orbit as the only way to be sure. But – 100% recommend a visit, it’s wild!

Novelty Automation is fun and inventive. Struck me as even better than its twin in Southwold but my memory is faulty, so who knows. Weirdly, the boys weren’t into it – Dylan took umbrage with its “old people on Facebook” sense of humour (so damning!) and refused to engage. Cheered him up, and warmed us all up, with Pret hot wraps. 

Small pics so you have some choice about enlarging them:

Last weekend we went along to Rutsfest, a somewhat random but impressive Merton community festival, because Max, who composes for Joy’s films, was performing in two bands. 

We just waved goodbye to £300 to fix a fence (to appease the neighbours), and £2990 to replace our decrepit soffits. Huge unplanned outlay we can little afford on joyless necessities – feels like a metaphor for this business case I’m working on. 

🔎 Found, interesting 🧐

Internet Agile Database – a treasure trove!

No web without women – our debt to the women in tech.

5 habits of innovative councils – same goes for other orgs.

50 things I know – a lot of wisdom here.

The Story of Wipeout – the first rave-inspired game.

Jeff Gothelf examines the OKRs he wrote himself about writing his latest book about OKRs. How meta.

I love the phrase “talking about the work is a part of the work” in this article and added it to my bloggy scrapbook here.

Public services need better leaders – dxw (via Dave).

Interview with Erin Meyer: Insights on Netflix and Organizational Culture (via Emily).

Alan Wright on how good Make Time is. I might re-read and try again.

I like how little dialogues are happening between blogs. Steve responding to Jukesie. Tom responding to me responding to Jukesie, and so on. I mean it’s an echo chamber obvs but it’s also lovely.

Listening, watching, playing, reading, cooking

At home:
🎬 The Crow (1994). Less good than I remember, which was also not great. I must have had the soundtrack on CD cos I knew all the songs.
📺 Doctor Who: 73 Yards (which we watch cos Joy’s part of it forever). This ep was great! And it made me want to rewatch…
🎬 Coherence. I really love this. Belongs on a shelf (or in a BFI season) with Beyond the Infinite Two Mins, Source Code, Looper and Primer.
🎬 The Brand New Testament on BFI Player. I’m half way in, planning to finish. It’s quality (but borders on Amélie-esque whimsy at times).
🎬 Session 9. Amazing location, but that’s about all.

🕹️ Finished the main story in Cyberpunk 2077. Loads left to do in Night City so I’ll keep dipping back in. 
🕹️ Started Two Point Campus and Galacticare which is basically Theme Hospital in space. With Matt Berry doing some of the voice work. Fun!

🎧 New Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – yes please.
🎧 Wisdom to the Wise, Dave Clarke

🍳 Beetroot, chickpea and coconut curry – tastes better than it looks!


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