Neil Williams


(I quoted this already in a recent weeknote, but I just had occasion to refer to it again. Posting it as a separate entry for easier retrieval!)

“Our founding belief is that the technology changes of the last 30 years – including the internet, smartphones, and AI – have so radically changed people’s lives that organisations have to continuously adapt to meet ever-rising expectations.

Organisations founded long before the internet was created often face the greatest cultural and business challenges in redesigning themselves around this new reality.” 

Public Digital

Scrambles these 4 invite codes for BlueSky. It’s nicer than the other place, so see you there? (Will strikethrough when they’re gone).

  • bsky-social-koakk-kt3ve
  • bsky-social-kohlt-qiwow
  • bsky-social-vc6oi-nc2dk
  • bsky-social-to6j3-3iuse

All gone