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“Only legacy organizations use the word “digital.” In start-ups and in Silicon Valley it doesn’t need to be said because it’s so central and so obvious. At CNN we also want to move as quickly as possible to a point where it becomes redundant.”

Mark Thompson. One great line of many from this piece by Ash Mann

“Our founding belief is that the technology changes of the last 30 years – including the internet, smartphones, and AI – have so radically changed people’s lives that organisations have to continuously adapt to meet ever-rising expectations.

Organisations founded long before the internet was created often face the greatest cultural and business challenges in redesigning themselves around this new reality.” 

Public Digital

I quoted this already in a recent weeknote, but I just had occasion to refer to it again. Posting it as a separate entry for easier retrieval.

I’d add streaming to that list of expectation-raising technologies (given my current work!)