One thing from The Walkthrough 

I’m buying one thing from every shop on the Crystal Palace Triangle. This is the ninth thing.

Hello! Been a while since I posted one of these shop profiles, so it’s time for a quick refill.

The shop

The Walkthrough

Formerly Roots & Cycles, subsuming The Store Cupboard, trading as The Walkthrough since 2020.

It’s well-named, as the store acts as a popular shortcut between parts of the weekly food market and Haynes Lane bric-a-brac stalls.

This place is a piece of Crystal Palace magic. A principled, eco-conscious store full of organic refills of all kinds – cleaning products, dried foods, teas, herbs and spices, essential oils and health products – all sourced as locally as possible, from small suppliers, with zero cruelty and minimal waste.

It’s very cool, very now, and the world needs more places like this.

The people 

The shop is owned and run by Rebecca Sakulku. No sign of her on this particular visit, which was on a busy Saturday while the food market was on. Two shop managers were calmly serving a barrage of customers, handling criss-crossing queries and transactions amid a constant flow of people just walking through.  

The many things

I took a few pics of what’s on offer. An astonishing amount! Including loads of things I order on auto-pilot in my weekly Tesco shop, and should come here for on foot instead.

The one thing

I’ve walked through the Walkthrough many more times than I’ve bought something. It’s one of the places I had in mind when I kicked off this series with the intention of shopping more locally, more often. 

On this visit I came away with a bag of dried mango – which is Kryptonite to me – and a pack of plastic-free gum. 

But the blog mission is working – I’ve been back twice already since, empty plastic bottles in hand, for top-ups of shampoo and conditioner, hand soap, and jumbo porridge oats. Screw you, Tesco!

It’s an amazing little place making the world a little better, so make sure you head there with your empties for a refill or two soon!

The Walkthrough is at Jubilee House, Haynes Lane, London SE19 3AN and online here

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