One thing from Iceland

I’m buying one thing from every shop on the Crystal Palace Triangle. This is thing twelve.

Look. Nobody’s excited but it’s in the rules, I’ve got to do it at some point! 

(And the irony is, I’ve recently bought so many more interesting things from so many of CP’s more interesting shops, but neglected to take pictures).

But – I’m committed to buying one thing from every shop on the Crystal Palace triangle so sooner or later it would mean writing about…

The shop


One of remarkably few national chains on our remarkable triangle of streets.

It’s a blessing for budgets but a nightmare for nutrition. It’d be easy to be snooty about it, but I have genuine love for its bargains, capacious paper bags, and some of the content of its freezers.

The many things

On this visit these things caught my eye. 

Prices. Repeated everywhere. Everything is either £1….

…or luxury. Or a brand partnership with Greggs that feels meant to be:

I’m a sauce guy. Sauce with everything and plenty of it. So I’m actually quite tempted by these sauces I’ve literally never seen on sale anywhere else:

Drinks. Joel was with me and he got VERY excited by the chocolate bar brands of milk drink. As a man nearing fifty I was more drawn to the cans named – bizarrely – after Ant and Dec’s 1994 hit single as PJ and Duncan, and to the Sunny D which I could have sworn went extinct in the late 90s.

Then these special pizzas. I won’t pretend I’m not tempted to try all three.

The one thing

But what I actually bought was this own-brand veggie oven pizza. Joy is a fan of these specifically. That’s why Neil’s gone to Iceland.

There. I can cross this one off the list now. I promise to do a nice little indie shop next to atone. (But at some point I will also have to do Sainsbury’s, Poundland and Poundstretcher).

Iceland’s Crystal Palace store is at 19-21 Westow Hill, Norwood, London SE19 1TQ.

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