One thing (for David Lynch’s quinoa) from Planta Health Shop

I’m buying one thing from every shop on the Crystal Palace triangle. This is the fourth thing.

David Lynch has this surreal little film of himself methodically making quinoa and broccoli. Have you ever seen it? 

I watched it for the first time recently as a chaser after revisiting Mulholland Drive.

I’m in the market for healthy eats post-Christmas, so I decided to make quinoa the David Lynch way. I added the bits to my Tesco order but forgot one thing… 

It’s almost as if I’d done it on purpose. 

One thing from every shop

This is the fourth post in my series: one thing from every shop on the Crystal Palace triangle.

Here’s a recap: 

The shop

Planta Health Store.

Planta has been a mainstay of the triangle for 20 years or more. Hard to imagine a more fitting shop to find between a Dominos and a Cancer Research.

Inside it’s an incredibly neat, almost clinical-feeling display, with an impressively wide range of health food bits and bobs. 

The people

I spoke briefly to the shop assistant. She seemed knowledgeable, doling out informed advice to other customers. 

Google reviews reveal that’s a fairly recent turnaround following a period of a bad rep for rude customer service. Not any more – new staff are garnering 5 star reviews from loads of happy customers. Good on them for fixing the problem.

From what I understand, the owner has three other health food shops all trading under different names – so he knows what he is doing! He also owns Crystal Palace’s post office/newsagent, several flats over the high street, and used to own one of our two local DIY shops, Hollybush Stores.

A bit of Companies House digging says this is Pritesh Patel, RBP Enterprises. Do let me know in the comments if you know more about Pritesh – sounds like he’s played a significant role in the triangle.

The many things

I was drawn to the teas. Quite the selection! I’ll be back to stock up next time I need some. Which will be soon – I’ve been hitting this stuff pretty hard, since giving up the booze nearly a decade ago.

Animated gif of Ted Striker in the film Airplaine! A man pours a soft drink and spills it on his head instead of putting it to his mouth,. The caption says "and that as much as anything else led to my drinking problem".

I was also drawn to these hoppers of nuts, pulses and dried fruit. I’m all for sustainable refills, and plan to go back for some of these too. 

The one thing

I had no trouble finding the last ingredient I needed for David Lynch’s quinoa – a tub of bouillon. It’s possibly the least exciting thing I’ve ever taken a photo of, so I’ve slapped a Lynch-esque dream-like effect on it.

No hay caldo – there is no bouillon. Silencio!

The thing in its new home

I made the quinoa, following David’s video and this write-up of the recipe.

It was fucking awful. 

Too awful to photograph and show you, even.

Not David’s fault. I think I used too much bouillon, and didn’t drain it well enough (my first attempt at cooking quinoa) so it was salty and waterlogged. I’m determined to have another go. Maybe I’ll update this end bit with a picture, if I pull off a better batch!

Planta Health Shop is at 32 Westow Hill, Norwood, London, SE19 1RX and online for home delivery here.

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