This page is a frequently updated snapshot of what I’m up to (inspired by the nownownow movement).

Right now I’m: 

  • Setting up a digital advisory board for the BFI, made up of a mix of governors and external folks
  • Iterating BFI’s overall operating model with Ben and my fellow exec team members
  • Establishing delivery rhythms and new ways of working across my teams. We’re pushing forward 3 strategy goals: growing BFI Player, improving BFI’s digital services and giving staff better IT tools and skills
  • Keeping tabs on technical operations across BFI’s cinemas (my 4th area) including upcoming improvements to NFT3
  • Making the most of the time left with my kids before they leave home. Dylan is 16 (sitting GCSEs this year), and Joel is 12 
  • Running more/further – managed 10K for first time this year and hit it a few times since
  • Trying to eat less meat and more plants
  • Managing my lifelong upper back, shoulder and neck pain through a combo of stretching, exercise, drugs and massage
  • Considering taking on a trustee position, now I’m more settled in at the BFI. It’s been a while since my tenure ended at Drinkaware.

Last update: end of October 2023. Next update: end of November 2023.

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