What I’m doing now

A frequently updated snapshot of what I'm up to.

This page is a catch-up service for people who know me but haven’t seen me in a while, or haven’t been following my life logging.

Last update: 30 March 2024.

Right now I’m: 

  • Striving to be a good and effective BFI Exec member, co-leading the BFI with colleagues and helping to continuously improve how it operates.
  • Going through selection process to possibly join the Board of Trustees at Change Grow Live.
  • Actively networking, in particular with senior digital folks in streaming, arts and culture, museums and galleries, and charities. Hit me up.
  • Leading my teams at the BFI to deliver 3 major strategy goals:
    • growing BFI Player
    • transforming BFI’s digital services
    • giving staff better IT tools and skills
  • Keeping tabs on technical operations across BFI’s cinemas (my 4th area) including upcoming improvements to NFT3
  • Setting up a digital advisory board for the BFI, made up of a mix of governors and external folks; and establishing better delivery rhythms and new ways of working across my teams.
  • Helping my 13 and 16 year-old sons with stuff going on in their lives (mental health and GCSEs) and supporting my wife’s brilliant career
  • Maintaining a healthy weight, partially aided by my recently-acquired Pixel Watch 2 and Nuffield gym membership.
  • Watching Ghosts for the first time
  • Playing Cyberpunk 2077

(The idea for thie page was iInspired by nownownow).

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