Sharing in case useful to copy. I have this on a text file on my desktop. A boilerplate for a better inbox and a better world, one salesperson at a time.

Thanks – I have seen this and your previous message(s) and you don’t need to keep sending more. I will keep your email on file and if/when there is something you could help with and we are in a position to follow up, we will.

For future reference (and please take this as intended – it is not meant to be rude) there is some good advice here on how to avoid inadvertently annoying your prospects with unsolicited sales approaches:

Thanks for introducing yourselves, and all the best.

It works – they either go silent, or send one more email acknowledging it and promising to respect it.

The (s) on “message(s)” lets them know that it’s a canned response, and I like that. Fight fire with fire.

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