The photos everyone sends me from the Isle of Wight

At the risk of going all Dave Gorman on you...

At the risk of going all Dave Gorman on you, there are many Neil Williamses.

In Cowes, on the Isle of Wight, there is a Neil Williams who is an art photographer. I know this because every time friends or family go there, they send me this exact same couple of shots:

A friend WhatsApped me these just the other day – about the 4th or 5th time someone’s done it. It’s become a thing, and I love it. If you visit Cowes, please do the same :)

I wonder if all the other Neil Williamses get sent the same snaps?

A quick Google reveals there are at least 3 other professional photographer Neil Williamses in the UK: Neil Williams, Neil Williams and Neil Williams.

(I’m doing terrible damage to my own SEO here aren’t I?)

A few Neil Williamses look like people I’d like to meet – like creative director Neil Williams and film editing lecturer Neil Williams. There’s even a fellow (or rival?) Neil Williams working in digital government.

Less keen to meet convicted child sex offender Neil Williams. He’s let the side down rather badly from the sounds of it.

I think the most opposite Neil Williamses to me are tax consultant Neil Williams, champion aerobatics pilot Neil Williams and rugby referee Neil Williams. (And the aforementioned chap, to be clear).

I might organise a big Neil Williams get-together. Except I definitely won’t. Could make the trip to Cowes sometime though – Neil’s shipping forecast photos are fab.

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