Why I write week notes

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of weeknotes it might seem odd that I share such personal reflections in public. So here’s a bit about what they are and why I write them. 

Writing to reflect

To quote fellow weeknoter Matt Edgar:

I write weeknotes for my own benefit, as a way of reflecting on how my work [and life] is going. I publish them for two reasons:

  1. The obvious: some people might be interested.
  2. Perhaps less obvious: knowing anyone might read this, even if they don’t, improves the quality of reflection.
Matt Edgar

Writing to remember

I also write these notes simply to log what I’m up to, so I (or anyone else who cares to) can look back on them in future.

A big incentive to do that is I have an incredibly poor ability to remember my own life – a (self-diagnosed) condition called Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory (SDAM) alongside aphantasia, an inability to form mental images.

It means most of what I’ve experienced in my life is lost to me. Unless things become part of familial oral history, get captured in writing or on camera, it’s like they never happened. So a year or so after discovering this about myself I decided to start this blog.

I’ve tried keeping a journal offline but find it impossible to keep at it or reflect well if the reader is just future-me.

Writing to connect and be part of something

It’s also a movement – I am not doing this alone. Here is just a tiny selection of fellow weeknoters, just within my network (of public sector digital types). 

Writing and reading each others’ notes can spark all sorts of serendipity, shared wisdom and inspiration, as well as just feeling part of something.

A case in point…

Writing to sense check and radiate intent

This section didn’t exist in the first iteration of this page. But a fellow weeknoter read this page, referenced it in his own blog, built on it, and now I’m incorporating that addition into the page.

I am really enjoying my former colleague and friend Neil Williams’ return to blogging. Especially his piece on what weeknotes are and why he writes them.

To which I will add – I write to share and sense check emerging thinking in the open in the hope that it stimulates debate and radiates intent.

Jeremy Gould

Totally agree.

Further reading

Here are some great articles other people have written about weeknotes. I agree with them all. 

And if that’s not enough, Giles Turnbull has now made the definitive weeknotes resource here: doing weeknotes.

You should weeknote too!

Maybe you’re now thinking of doing them too, in which case go for it.

You won’t regret it…. probably.

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