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(I quoted this already in a recent weeknote, but I just had occasion to refer to it again. Posting it as a separate entry for easier retrieval!)

“Our founding belief is that the technology changes of the last 30 years – including the internet, smartphones, and AI – have so radically changed people’s lives that organisations have to continuously adapt to meet ever-rising expectations.

Organisations founded long before the internet was created often face the greatest cultural and business challenges in redesigning themselves around this new reality.” 

Public Digital

One thing from every shop on the Crystal Palace triangle 

I plan to visit every shop on the triangle, buy one item, write something (reasonably) interesting about it, for you to (sometimes) read.

“Something is amiss between men and women”

Line from gripping crime procedural The Night of the 12th (streaming exclusively on BFI Player right now). I’ve thought about this line often since seeing the film earlier this year.

Week notes: 20-26 November 2023

Craving “a normal working week”, re-engaging with UKGovcamp, don’t call me Shirley.

“No AI before you’ve fixed your IA.”

Matt Edgar, via James Higgot on BlueSky

Week notes: 13-19 November 2023

End current government, “twat” on the radio, finding the “so what”.

Scrambles these 4 invite codes for BlueSky. It’s nicer than the other place, so see you there? (Will strikethrough when they’re gone).

  • bsky-social-koakk-kt3ve
  • bsky-social-kohlt-qiwow
  • bsky-social-vc6oi-nc2dk
  • bsky-social-to6j3-3iuse

All gone

“No large failing government programme has hit the rocks because it didn’t have enough programme boards.”

Andrew Greenway, via Tom Loosemore here

The photos everyone sends me from the Isle of Wight

At the risk of going all Dave Gorman on you…

The Guardian needs an Australia filter

Australian content hidden among your UK news can be surprising!

Week notes: 1-12 November 2023

Nothing doesn’t go in here, imposter syndrome, choosing to work in pre-internet organisations.

“Culture is like a shadow. You cannot change it, but it changes all the time. Culture is read-only.”

Niels Pflaeging (source)
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