A bumper backlog of 2010 bookmarks

Tweet Without noticing, it seems I haven’t published a list of my bookmarks here for nearly a year. That’ll be partly down to subconscious choice (I’m not overly keen on link dumps on other blogs) and partly through neglect (I prefer to manually edit rather than automate these kind of posts, and haven’t found the […]

How do you converge yours?

[Warning. This post contains gratuitous before and after shots of website convergence] Tweet There’s more to closing down legacy websites than just assimilating them Borg-style into your main web platform using homogenous, corporate-branded templates. While that is one of the options, it’s at one end of a spectrum which can have many nuanced approaches between […]

British Hallmarking joins BIS web platform

I just can’t resist blogging these before and after shots. The British Hallmarking Council website relaunched yesterday on the Department for Business platform which – as I am intent on banging on about – was designed by my team as a shared service for BIS and all its partner bodies. Here’s what their website looked […]

Under construction: behind the scenes of a government website (soft) launch

Tweet Website launches aren’t what they used to be. Back in the day, the birth or re-birth of a website would be heralded with a big ‘welcome’ story on the homepage, a press release, a section gushing about its new and improved features (probably none of which anyone had said they wanted) and – if […]

The perfect page…

Tweet A lot of my focus at work lately has been about how we publish to the web – who’s doing it, with what tools, and to what standard. While the boss is focusing on what goes up when and how to make it more engaging, I’m mainly working on three things: building the platform: […]