The Goverati??

From ReadWriteWeb: (hat tip Ross) What is the goverati? It is made up of people with first-hand knowledge of how the government operates, who understand how to use social software to accomplish a variety of government missions, and who want to use that knowledge for the benefit of all. I think us UK folk should […]

Reflections on a barcamp: turning the conversation into action after ukgc09

Saturday’s second annual government web barcamp was an amazing day for networking, sharing war stories, launching initiatives and swapping notes – all crucial activities for the small (and increasingly close) family of digital innovators in the government web space, and something we must all do more of. But for all the impassioned talk of what […]

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Barcamp UK Govweb 09 – where to see the action

Whether you’re there or not, you might want to follow the live blogging and tweeting at the 2nd UK government barcamp tomorrow (Sat 31 Jan). The best place to do that is here. Edit: and here and here and here and here. I’m uploading photos now and will blog my reflections on the day… eventually. […]

Barcamp ticket stampede

Blimey. You’ve got to be quick around here. UK gov camp 09 tickets were only listed on Eventbrite at around 4.40pm today and at 7pm they’re about to run out. There are 17 spaces left as I type this… (Me having snaffled #18).

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Mission creeping into 2009

Predictions abound for digital media in 2009 (even in the government space) and I’m excited to see what the year will bring. It’s also a good time to reflect on personal highlights of the year just ended and hopes for the one ahead. So for my first new year as a blogger I hope you’ll permit me […]