Corporate Twitter (cartoon)

Familiar? Source. Via Spaghetti Testing.

Found/interesting: 28 Dec to 5 Feb

Look what I found interesting: Why I’m going dark for purdah – Steph explains why he won’t be blogging during the election period. (I won’t be writing about work stuff during that time either for the same reasons, but intend to resume blogging about other interests and this could be a good time to do […]

What’s on my iPhone? (Or: Appy new year)

Tweet (This is a lazier than usual post for a lazy New Year’s Day. Normal service will resume when the year is in full swing…) I don’t know about you, but I can’t so much as glance at someone else’s iPhone without wanting to grab it and have a nose at what applications they’ve installed. […]

Found/interesting: 9 Nov to 24 Dec

I haven’t done one of these bookmark posts in a while, and I’m some way off posting anything new here. So here’s a look at what I found interesting enough to bookmark recently. The state of the UK gov blogosphere – Great post by Dave Briggs. Why websites matter less and less – “Summary: Our […]

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Found/interesting: 15 October to 7 November

Look what I found interesting enough to bookmark recently: BBC Democracy Live – Nifty live political TV and news thingummy via Simon Dickson. JobFact – community of anonymous employees – Compare your salary anonymously. Optimal Workshop – online card sorting tool – Fantastic and free online IA toys. guide to using social media (in […]