Speaking (and listening!) at Government 2010

I’ll be taking part in a discussion panel on online consultation at Government 2010 on 22 October – alongside Harry Metcalfe, Tom Watson and David Price. The theme is: Digital Engagement is Everyone’s Job: Formal and Informal Consultation on the Web. I’ll be saying a bit about my experience and observations from the front line, […]

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Three important links

I imagine one or two other things may have been published on the interpipes recently but none more important than these: Miniaturists: more reports form the fringe – The West End Whingers review my wife’s short play and single her out for a special mention: Thankfully the Whingers enjoyed practically all of it but special […]

How to keep hens and influence people

If I asked you for a list of reasons to keep hens in your back garden you’d probably rattle off a few good’uns. Eggs, you would rightly say. Better tasting ones at that. Reduced food miles, you might add if you’re the type. You might even guess that it’s fun, rewarding, and that hens are […]

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Found/interesting: 31 Dec to 6 Jan

I found this stuff interesting while browsing around. Maybe you will too. How boring: Celebrities sign up to Twitter to reveal the most mundane aspect of their lives - a balanced view from the Mail. Twittering on: How internet ‘micro-blogging’ went global – A more thoughtful piece on Twitter including the Israeli consulate’s use of it for […]

How to be an interesting civil service blogger (and not get fired)

Starting up your own personal blog is dead easy. Unless you’re a civil servant and want to talk about your work. If you are, then you face this choice: play it safe and say nothing interesting ever, or do some homework to learn where the boundaries lie. As ‘Mr Newest Blogging Civil Servant UK’, I’ve […]