Fantasy CMS for government

Tweet The good doctor‘s brilliant piece on the tyranny of content management systems has spurred me on to write this post I’ve been contemplating for a while, about my own frustrations with WCMS software and what an ideal platform for government websites might be capable of right out of the box. Having been close to […]

Carbon reduction begins at my home

When I watched that Al Gore film, I came away full of good intentions about changing my ways and my lightbulbs -  then promptly did neither. But recently Croydon Council sent round an enthusiastic man with terrible B.O. to do a home energy review, and kitted me out with a load of cool energy saving […]

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Found/interesting: 16 August

I’m on holiday, this is as much as you’re gonna get right now…! – Portable software for USB drives Coolest power tools of some top geeks 10 kickass crowdsourcing sites for your business Social Networking on Intranets (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox) Twitter 101 — Download the slides & print the guide Digital diplomacy website – […]

My house is on Google. My jaw is on the floor.

Google Street View went live for the UK yesterday. So I promptly did the only rational thing and went looking for my house. To my utter astonishment (given I live in little known Norbury), here it is, and what’s more I can pinpoint this photo to some time between May-July 2008 by recognisable features and […]

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Look what I found: 23 November to 26 November

Look what I found interesting. Maybe you will too. The hinternet, the internet we’re missing – Jon Bounds deserves much kudos for this fantastic coinage: the hinternet, those corners of the web running on old technology and missing out on the new inter-connectedness. Juror shares trial details on Facebook – 12 good men and true […]