So what did Steph Gray ever do for us?

Tweet Today the man they call @lesteph is leaving the Civil Service to work on… well, other le stuff. Read about it in his own words here. I’ve spent the best part of a year working alongside him since the creation of BIS brought our two teams together in June 2009. If you’re reading this […]

Found/interesting: 9 Nov to 24 Dec

I haven’t done one of these bookmark posts in a while, and I’m some way off posting anything new here. So here’s a look at what I found interesting enough to bookmark recently. The state of the UK gov blogosphere – Great post by Dave Briggs. Why websites matter less and less – “Summary: Our […]

Mission Technology or Helpful Creep?

DIUS and BERR have merged, and so have their websites. Well, not quite. But we’ve done the next best thing – rapidly developed an elegant interim homepage which uses the best of today’s agile web technologies to combine BERR and DIUS content into a single portal. At a cost of next to zero. Steph has […]

Social media job interview questions

I recently recruited someone to work exclusively on social media. It’s a shiny new post of a kind as yet still rare in government (I can only name three others) and a bit different from any vacancy I’ve recruited into before. So my (t)rusty set of interview questions for website managers just wasn’t going to […]

Beyond cut and paste: the professional skills every government web publisher should have

Control-A, Control-C, Control-V. Anyone can do that, right? So we can give our web publishing work to a few junior staff, train them on the software (a nice little development opportunity, bless) and get them to just bung whatever we send them up on the site. If you work in website management for a large […]