The BIS blog. Why were we waiting?

Somewhere in my attic, buried under all the baby toys and junk, there’s a signed letter from David Miliband thanking me for building his blog. It was the first one by a Cabinet Minister, started on his own initiative at the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, managed by me under the wing of Edward […]

…But I don’t like to talk about it

Tweet (Cross-posted from The Funding Network website, with thanks). I would be lying if I said I do a lot of work for charity. But by donating slivers of time to The Funding Network (TFN), which pairs worthwhile projects with pots of money at auction-style giving events (see video below), I can just about get […]

Profoundly non-trivial: Martha Lane Fox review of Directgov

Tweet A big day today in digital government. In case you missed it, the Martha Lane Fox review of Directgov and the wider government web estate went public  along with a response from Cabinet secretary Francis Maude, so ending a period of furtive speculation by those with a keen interest in the way UK government […]

How do you converge yours?

[Warning. This post contains gratuitous before and after shots of website convergence] Tweet There’s more to closing down legacy websites than just assimilating them Borg-style into your main web platform using homogenous, corporate-branded templates. While that is one of the options, it’s at one end of a spectrum which can have many nuanced approaches between […]

Digital is…

Tweet Below is an extract from something I was drafting yesterday – a long overdue catch-all digital communications strategy for that government Department I work for. I’d welcome your opinion on it. Is it too didactic, not didactic enough? Is it just stating the bleedin’ obvious or worth putting over like this? Is there more […]