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Guest post: Defining digital skills for government communicators

Tweet Guest post by Tony Plant, professional development manager at the Ministry of Justice, who has been leading work across Whitehall to update the digital  skills profile for government communicators. Cross-posted on Tony’s own blog at The Learning Crowd. Government communications is radically changing, as shown by the COI review and shift to digital channels. Job […]

Sharing the digital knowhow

Tweet This is just a short post, mainly to point you over here to Ross Ferguson’s generous review of a little something my team launched recently on the QT. It’s a side-project we’re calling digital@bis – a place to share tips, policies and best practice with other web professionals (mainly those in BIS’s arms length […]

The perfect page…

Tweet A lot of my focus at work lately has been about how we publish to the web – who’s doing it, with what tools, and to what standard. While the boss is focusing on what goes up when and how to make it more engaging, I’m mainly working on three things: building the platform: […]

Found/interesting: 17 May to 2 June

Look what I found interesting. Crisis Communications for the Social Media Age – Also works as a guide to rebuttal 2.0 Swine Flu 2.0 : A Case For How Managing Social Media is a Matter of National Security – …and here’s a real-life case study from Ross Ferguson et al’s trans-Atlantic cousins Twitter’s hype is […]

Social media job interview questions

I recently recruited someone to work exclusively on social media. It’s a shiny new post of a kind as yet still rare in government (I can only name three others) and a bit different from any vacancy I’ve recruited into before. So my (t)rusty set of interview questions for website managers just wasn’t going to […]