A bumper backlog of 2010 bookmarks

Tweet Without noticing, it seems I haven’t published a list of my bookmarks here for nearly a year. That’ll be partly down to subconscious choice (I’m not overly keen on link dumps on other blogs) and partly through neglect (I prefer to manually edit rather than automate these kind of posts, and haven’t found the […]

Found/interesting: 28 Dec to 5 Feb

Look what I found interesting: Why I’m going dark for purdah – Steph explains why he won’t be blogging during the election period. (I won’t be writing about work stuff during that time either for the same reasons, but intend to resume blogging about other interests and this could be a good time to do […]

Found/interesting: 11 April to 16 May

A near-random selection of stuff I’ve found interesting lately. Us Now : watch the film -like it says. I Can Haz Writin Skillz? – Internet-Age Writing Syllabus and Course Overview. – HFACTDEWARIUCSMNUWKIASLAMB. WordPress in UK government: an informal audit – and very soon, blogs on the BERR intranet too. 5 Very Weird URL Shorteners -variety […]

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Three important links

I imagine one or two other things may have been published on the interpipes recently but none more important than these: Miniaturists: more reports form the fringe – The West End Whingers review my wife’s short play and single her out for a special mention: Thankfully the Whingers enjoyed practically all of it but special […]

Look what I found: 2 December to 12 December

Look what I found interesting. Maybe you will too. Rebranding Government 2.0 – Mashable seeks a better term, but for me this misses the point: which is that it’s about participation by whatever means, not just social technology A Chronology of Brands that Got Punk’d by Social Media – Because bad case studies are even […]