Digging digital government: recent major works and what they mean

Tweet Major works by Whitehall webbies in the past six weeks have repeatedly got top billing on No 10′s legendary grid, and even made front page news. This feels very different from even a year ago, when web teams had to work hard just to get their voices heard on the importance of the web […]

Found/interesting: 28 Dec to 5 Feb

Look what I found interesting: Why I’m going dark for purdah – Steph explains why he won’t be blogging during the election period. (I won’t be writing about work stuff during that time either for the same reasons, but intend to resume blogging about other interests and this could be a good time to do […]

How to read minds and influence people

Tweet Knowing what your customers are thinking is the first step towards making them happy. But how do you know what’s in their heads (without being Derren Brown)? I’m some way closer to being able to read my website users’ minds than I was this time last week – thanks to two unrelated events which […]

Teacamp this Thursday

Just a reminder that there’s a Teacamp this Thursday at 4pm for anyone interested in networking with the Govwebbies. As usual it’s at Cafe Zest, upstairs in House of Fraser on Victoria Street. This promises to be a good ‘un including a run-through by Jenny from MoJ on the great stuff they’ve been doing using […]

Found/interesting: 6-14 Jan

Have a load of links on me. Blimey @joswinson thanks @tom_watson – Simon Dickson notes a first as Parliamentary business spills over onto Twitter. CivicSurf » DFID Blog Coaching – The DFID bloggers experiment is proving its value, and growing. The 5 stages of Twitter acceptance – Denial > microblogging. I think I’m on the […]