Found/interesting: 9 Nov to 24 Dec

I haven’t done one of these bookmark posts in a while, and I’m some way off posting anything new here. So here’s a look at what I found interesting enough to bookmark recently. The state of the UK gov blogosphere – Great post by Dave Briggs. Why websites matter less and less – “Summary: Our […]

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Found/interesting: 16 August

I’m on holiday, this is as much as you’re gonna get right now…! – Portable software for USB drives Coolest power tools of some top geeks 10 kickass crowdsourcing sites for your business Social Networking on Intranets (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox) Twitter 101 — Download the slides & print the guide Digital diplomacy website – […]

Sometimes They Nest… Some More!

Betty, my Speckledy hen, has gone broody. This means she will sit on the nest for about 21 days, not laying any eggs and barely eating. Which is a problem if you’re Rosie (my other hen), and want to lay an egg. And a problem if you’re Betty and don’t get enough to eat or […]

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Found/interesting: 31 Jan – 19 Feb

These are my links for 31 January through 19 February:

How to keep hens and influence people

If I asked you for a list of reasons to keep hens in your back garden you’d probably rattle off a few good’uns. Eggs, you would rightly say. Better tasting ones at that. Reduced food miles, you might add if you’re the type. You might even guess that it’s fun, rewarding, and that hens are […]