Weekend project: A gang of pot heads…

…has started hanging out around in my back garden, much to the delight of my toddler son. You will need: Enamel paints, clean plastic pots, compost and small things that grow. Tree stumps optional. Inspiration for this one came from The Dad Manual (an ace book which I’m slightly ashamed to confess I bought for […]

Plan plot scheme!

“PLAN PLOT SCHEME!” is what I wrote on my To Do list last weekend. …Not realising until I read it back that it’s just the sort of thing Guy Fawkes (not that one) may have typed into his PDA-equivalent one October weekend in 1605. What I meant was the relatively innocent task of planning a […]

How to keep hens and influence people

If I asked you for a list of reasons to keep hens in your back garden you’d probably rattle off a few good’uns. Eggs, you would rightly say. Better tasting ones at that. Reduced food miles, you might add if you’re the type. You might even guess that it’s fun, rewarding, and that hens are […]

Spoils from my tinyholding

Not a bad crop from my garden plot today: We got your eggs, we got your beets, yer luvverly carrots, a pair o’courgettes (not as big as Laurie‘s – oo-er missus), some disappointingly small onions, a few cherry tomatoes, we got your crispy fresh runners, and 3 green chillies (which are going straight to wok […]