Welcome to my world

My wife tends to keep a pretty low profile online, and has always shown remarkable resistance to my social media evangelism. But as of last night she’s broken cover and written her first ever blog post for the BBC, where she has a regular writing gig for daytime drama Doctors. It’s a great post, too. […]

Weekend project: A gang of pot heads…

…has started hanging out around in my back garden, much to the delight of my toddler son. You will need: Enamel paints, clean plastic pots, compost and small things that grow. Tree stumps optional. Inspiration for this one came from The Dad Manual (an ace book which I’m slightly ashamed to confess I bought for […]

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Found Nemo

My son found him today in the aquarium at the Horniman and he hasn’t even seen the film.

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Geek is good!

My big sister didn’t know I had a blog. She does now: Swiftly followed by: And look, she’s using Tweetdeck! Go sis! (And hello, if you’re reading this).

I’m living in a box

I’m living in a cardboard box. This is just some of the evidence of a weekend well spent. I also managed to plan my veg garden for 2009, more about which later this week.