Found/interesting: 17 May to 2 June

Look what I found interesting. Crisis Communications for the Social Media Age – Also works as a guide to rebuttal 2.0 Swine Flu 2.0 : A Case For How Managing Social Media is a Matter of National Security – …and here’s a real-life case study from Ross Ferguson et al’s trans-Atlantic cousins Twitter’s hype is […]

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Found/interesting: 9-20 March

Look what I found interesting. Working Together – Crime maps, schools comparison engines – it’s all go in the world of digital government. Good to see RSA using Australia’s favourite OSS CMS as the online response channel for this consultation. Tweeting for twouble – 12 good men and true …oh and all those Twitter users […]

Reflections on a barcamp: turning the conversation into action after ukgc09

Saturday’s second annual government web barcamp was an amazing day for networking, sharing war stories, launching initiatives and swapping notes – all crucial activities for the small (and increasingly close) family of digital innovators in the government web space, and something we must all do more of. But for all the impassioned talk of what […]

Found/interesting: 6-14 Jan

Have a load of links on me. Blimey @joswinson thanks @tom_watson – Simon Dickson notes a first as Parliamentary business spills over onto Twitter. CivicSurf » DFID Blog Coaching – The DFID bloggers experiment is proving its value, and growing. The 5 stages of Twitter acceptance – Denial > microblogging. I think I’m on the […]

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Found/interesting: 31 Dec to 6 Jan

I found this stuff interesting while browsing around. Maybe you will too. How boring: Celebrities sign up to Twitter to reveal the most mundane aspect of their lives - a balanced view from the Mail. Twittering on: How internet ‘micro-blogging’ went global – A more thoughtful piece on Twitter including the Israeli consulate’s use of it for […]