If you started today, you would never build what we’ve got. You would build Alphagov.

Tweet We’re mere days away from the big reveal of Alphagov, the prototype ‘single domain’ website which will set a challenging vision of what a unified, user-focused front end to UK government could look like. I’ve been relatively close to the project, from unofficial chats with project lead Tom Loosemore and others in dingy Lambeth […]

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Guest post: Defining digital skills for government communicators

Tweet Guest post by Tony Plant, professional development manager at the Ministry of Justice, who has been leading work across Whitehall to update the digital  skills profile for government communicators. Cross-posted on Tony’s own blog at The Learning Crowd. Government communications is radically changing, as shown by the COI review and shift to digital channels. Job […]

A bumper backlog of 2010 bookmarks

Tweet Without noticing, it seems I haven’t published a list of my bookmarks here for nearly a year. That’ll be partly down to subconscious choice (I’m not overly keen on link dumps on other blogs) and partly through neglect (I prefer to manually edit rather than automate these kind of posts, and haven’t found the […]

Sharing the digital knowhow

Tweet This is just a short post, mainly to point you over here to Ross Ferguson’s generous review of a little something my team launched recently on the QT. It’s a side-project we’re calling digital@bis – a place to share tips, policies and best practice with other web professionals (mainly those in BIS’s arms length […]

Digital is…

Tweet Below is an extract from something I was drafting yesterday – a long overdue catch-all digital communications strategy for that government Department I work for. I’d welcome your opinion on it. Is it too didactic, not didactic enough? Is it just stating the bleedin’ obvious or worth putting over like this? Is there more […]