Under construction: behind the scenes of a government website (soft) launch

Tweet Website launches aren’t what they used to be. Back in the day, the birth or re-birth of a website would be heralded with a big ‘welcome’ story on the homepage, a press release, a section gushing about its new and improved features (probably none of which anyone had said they wanted) and – if […]

Fantasy CMS for government

Tweet The good doctor‘s brilliant piece on the tyranny of content management systems has spurred me on to write this post I’ve been contemplating for a while, about my own frustrations with WCMS software and what an ideal platform for government websites might be capable of right out of the box. Having been close to […]

The perfect page…

Tweet A lot of my focus at work lately has been about how we publish to the web – who’s doing it, with what tools, and to what standard. While the boss is focusing on what goes up when and how to make it more engaging, I’m mainly working on three things: building the platform: […]

Survival of the flattest: how to futureproof your website’s IA

Tweet Whitehall websites are built on shifting sands. Reshuffles, changes to the machinery of government, and (until 2011) convergence projects mean that hundreds of pages of content could, at almost any time, suddenly have to be deleted from one government site and added (in suitably re-purposed form) to another. With that in mind I’ve been […]

Beyond cut and paste: the professional skills every government web publisher should have

Control-A, Control-C, Control-V. Anyone can do that, right? So we can give our web publishing work to a few junior staff, train them on the software (a nice little development opportunity, bless) and get them to just bung whatever we send them up on the site. If you work in website management for a large […]