Under construction: behind the scenes of a government website (soft) launch

Tweet Website launches aren’t what they used to be. Back in the day, the birth or re-birth of a website would be heralded with a big ‘welcome’ story on the homepage, a press release, a section gushing about its new and improved features (probably none of which anyone had said they wanted) and – if […]

Found/interesting: 9 Nov to 24 Dec

I haven’t done one of these bookmark posts in a while, and I’m some way off posting anything new here. So here’s a look at what I found interesting enough to bookmark recently. The state of the UK gov blogosphere – Great post by Dave Briggs. Why websites matter less and less – “Summary: Our […]

Found/interesting: 17 May to 2 June

Look what I found interesting. Crisis Communications for the Social Media Age – Also works as a guide to rebuttal 2.0 Swine Flu 2.0 : A Case For How Managing Social Media is a Matter of National Security – …and here’s a real-life case study from Ross Ferguson et al’s trans-Atlantic cousins Twitter’s hype is […]

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

…is highly ambitious, if not impossible, Mr or Ms imminent Director of Digital Engagement. Your job description – indeed this new job – is unquestionably the most exciting thing I’ve read and digitally engaged with since the last unbelievably exciting thing, in that it says: Within six months the Head of Digital Engagement will have […]

No jobs for senior Whitehall webbies?

So Jeremy Gould is leaving. I’m personally gutted: Jeremy’s been something of an unofficial mentor for me lately and his faith in me has been one of the contributing factors to my starting blogging and stepping up a gear, not to mention a civil service grade, in the government web sphere. And he’s been a […]