Experiments in shared website services

Tweet Two more sites just began sharing the BIS web platform – the National Measurement Office and the newly christened UK Space Agency – bringing our tally of live sites on the platform up to eight, and moving us one step closer to a single domain for BIS. With eight sites now sharing our platform […]

A bumper backlog of 2010 bookmarks

Tweet Without noticing, it seems I haven’t published a list of my bookmarks here for nearly a year. That’ll be partly down to subconscious choice (I’m not overly keen on link dumps on other blogs) and partly through neglect (I prefer to manually edit rather than automate these kind of posts, and haven’t found the […]

More on Disqus and accessibility

Tweet A couple of months ago I posted in praise of cheap-as-chips comment engines Echo and Disqus – then followed up pointing out some of the potential downsides. Chief among them was accessibility, and I promised to share the results of an audit commissioned by BIS. Those results are now in, available on Scribd, and […]

Making public data pretty with custom CSS

Tweet I’ve alluded a few times on this blog to the exceptional flexibility we’ve built into our shared website platform at BIS. It’s something I’m fiercely proud of and which bears repeating – and in that spirit I thought I’d share the latest example: the new BIS data store which went live on Friday alongside […]

Embedding third party code: the downsides

Tweet I thought I should quickly acknowledge a few responses I’ve had to my previous post on using 3rd party plugins like Disqus and Echo, pointing out some of the downsides. As well as this comment from Simon I’ve had two emails politely highlighting issues which – though nowhere near outweighing the benefits in my […]