Digging digital government: recent major works and what they mean

Tweet Major works by Whitehall webbies in the past six weeks have repeatedly got top billing on No 10′s legendary grid, and even made front page news. This feels very different from even a year ago, when web teams had to work hard just to get their voices heard on the importance of the web […]

So what did Steph Gray ever do for us?

Tweet Today the man they call @lesteph is leaving the Civil Service to work on… well, other le stuff. Read about it in his own words here. I’ve spent the best part of a year working alongside him since the creation of BIS brought our two teams together in June 2009. If you’re reading this […]

Reflections on a barcamp: turning the conversation into action after ukgc09

Saturday’s second annual government web barcamp was an amazing day for networking, sharing war stories, launching initiatives and swapping notes – all crucial activities for the small (and increasingly close) family of digital innovators in the government web space, and something we must all do more of. But for all the impassioned talk of what […]

No jobs for senior Whitehall webbies?

So Jeremy Gould is leaving. I’m personally gutted: Jeremy’s been something of an unofficial mentor for me lately and his faith in me has been one of the contributing factors to my starting blogging and stepping up a gear, not to mention a civil service grade, in the government web sphere. And he’s been a […]

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Don’t cross the streams

Spengler: There’s something very important I forgot to tell you. Venkman: What? Spengler: Don’t cross the streams. Venkman: Why? Spengler: It would be bad. My wife is a writer. A blog that she reads regularly, Scriptuality, has come to an end. It was written by Paul Campbell, a man trying to make it in TV […]