Found/interesting: 28 Dec to 5 Feb

Look what I found interesting: Why I’m going dark for purdah – Steph explains why he won’t be blogging during the election period. (I won’t be writing about work stuff during that time either for the same reasons, but intend to resume blogging about other interests and this could be a good time to do […]

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Found/interesting: 11 October

A few hand-picked bookmarks. The wraps come off! – Harry Metcalfe posted this exclusive preview of – the UK government’s free open data store, currently in private beta. Teach us a Lesson – Crowdsourcing the directory of learning – BIS and Becta competition seeking ideas to create a user-friendly national index of informal […]

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Found/interesting: 1-8 March

Update: Simon has written up his work on the BERR and DFID Commentariat sites here. Look what I found interesting (including a little something I made earlier…) Low Carbon Industrial Strategy: A Vision and Eliminating World Poverty – these two new Commentariat-powered interactive publications went live near-simultaneously, making three outings in total across Whitehall for […]

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Found/interesting: 31 Dec to 6 Jan

I found this stuff interesting while browsing around. Maybe you will too. How boring: Celebrities sign up to Twitter to reveal the most mundane aspect of their lives - a balanced view from the Mail. Twittering on: How internet ‘micro-blogging’ went global – A more thoughtful piece on Twitter including the Israeli consulate’s use of it for […]

Look what I found: 2 December to 12 December

Look what I found interesting. Maybe you will too. Rebranding Government 2.0 – Mashable seeks a better term, but for me this misses the point: which is that it’s about participation by whatever means, not just social technology A Chronology of Brands that Got Punk’d by Social Media – Because bad case studies are even […]