Not not blogging

I’m not not blogging, I’m just not blogging here. In the highly unlikely event that you’re a subscriber to this blog and not to the Government Digital Service blog, here are three posts I recently wrote there and neglected to cross-post here: Government corporate websites in eye-popping 3D Why do people need government department websites? […]

Alphagov fanboy turns Betagov infiltrator

Tweet From tomorrow, I’ll be joining Cabinet Office to help take the prototype forward to its next incarnation as a more fully developed public beta. In the spirit of the tagline of this blog, I’ll be splitting my time straight down the middle between my (awesomely generous and forward-thinking) employer BIS and the very […]

Guest post on’s vision for online consultation and policy engagement

Go there, read it.

The BIS blog. Why were we waiting?

Somewhere in my attic, buried under all the baby toys and junk, there’s a signed letter from David Miliband thanking me for building his blog. It was the first one by a Cabinet Minister, started on his own initiative at the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, managed by me under the wing of Edward […]

If you started today, you would never build what we’ve got. You would build Alphagov.

Tweet We’re mere days away from the big reveal of Alphagov, the prototype ‘single domain’ website which will set a challenging vision of what a unified, user-focused front end to UK government could look like. I’ve been relatively close to the project, from unofficial chats with project lead Tom Loosemore and others in dingy Lambeth […]