Not not blogging

I’m not not blogging, I’m just not blogging here. In the highly unlikely event that you’re a subscriber to this blog and not to the Government Digital Service blog, here are three posts I recently wrote there and neglected to cross-post here: Government corporate websites in eye-popping 3D Why do people need government department websites? […]

Sleepy time: my top 10 bedtime books for kids

Tweet ‘Tis the season for facile lists and for trying not to think too much about work. And as I’m about to say bye-bye to full sleep for a few months with the arrival of baby #2 (due in early Jan), I thought I’d mark the occasion by blogging my top ten pieces of sleep […]

Music discovery tools worth discovering

Tweet Appalled at the paucity of Ping? Here are a few online music discovery sources which don’t suck. Ghostly Discovery – frankly awesome iPhone app which helps you discover new music based on your mood, the sort of tempo you want and a sliding scale from organic to electronic. Last fm – You’ve heard of […]

Radio silence

A reminder that in line with propriety guidance for civil servants during a general election I’ll be fairly quiet here and on Twitter until a government is formed after 6 May. If I do post stuff, it will be about things other than work. Normal (sporadic) service will resume afterwards.

Welcome to my world

My wife tends to keep a pretty low profile online, and has always shown remarkable resistance to my social media evangelism. But as of last night she’s broken cover and written her first ever blog post for the BBC, where she has a regular writing gig for daytime drama Doctors. It’s a great post, too. […]