About me

Hello, I’m Neil Williams. I am a dad, a husband, a web geek, a digital communications manager, a civil servant, a gardener, a keeper of hens, a lapsed comedy writer and a music fan, roughly in that order.

This is a blog about being all of those things at once, and trying to do too much. As is frequently said in my house: “Neil’s on one again”.

Work I set strategy for digital communications, and manage the team that manages external and internal web channels and digital engagement for one of the central UK government departments. I launched the first ever blog by a UK Cabinet Minister, and spend much of my day trying to use digital to make government better. I blog around the edges of this stuff carefully – note this disclaimer. Prior to that, I have been a comms strategist and led a team of web developers in the private sector and a bunch of other stuff. See my full CV on Linkedin.

Life I am married (in style, in Vegas) to a TV/radio/theatre writer and have a son. I live in London. Well, Streatham. Ok… Croydon. I share my garden with two hens, Rosie and Betty. I grow fruit and veg, cook it and eat it. I watch really good TV and really bad TV. I love dance music but I hate dancing. Or going out much at all to be honest.

Balance I used to run this comedy website with 2 friends. It was fairly successful for the short time that we were obsessed with it enough to update regularly, and even managed to attract two threatened lawsuits. These days, it’s hard to see why for cobwebs, but good ol’ Log has dusted off some of the hidden gems and made them into something even better.

About this blog

I blog about government webbery, tech geekery, gadgets, veg growing, hen keeping, music, film, TV, stationery, productivity and, if it’s interesting, whatever else I’m up to.

In any case I hope not to bore you too much, and will thank you to tell me if (or when) I do.

More about why I’m blogging here.