A bumper backlog of 2010 bookmarks

Lego dump truck

Without noticing, it seems I haven’t published a list of my bookmarks here for nearly a year. That’ll be partly down to subconscious choice (I’m not overly keen on link dumps on other blogs) and partly through neglect (I prefer to manually edit rather than automate these kind of posts, and haven’t found the time).

This post ought to more than make up for it though! Below is a mammoth dump of my choicier Delicious* bookmarks from Feb 2010 to date, loosely categorised for your scanning pleasure.

I’m not sure whether to resurrect these kind of semi-automated bookmark posts in future or not, and would welcome feedback on whether you find them useful, irritating or neither.

[*With speculation rife that Delicious could disappear, I've recently switched to using Pinboard. You might want to do the same.]



Interesting reads for digital professionals:

Think pieces:

Tools, tips and other useful stuff:

Gov-specific links:

BIS digital in the news:


Just for fun:

Image credit: Lego dumptruck by bucklava

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