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Sharing the digital knowhow

Tweet This is just a short post, mainly to point you over here to Ross Ferguson’s generous review of a little something my team launched recently on the QT. It’s a side-project we’re calling digital@bis – a place to share tips, policies and best practice with other web professionals (mainly those in BIS’s arms length […]

Profoundly non-trivial: Martha Lane Fox review of Directgov

Tweet A big day today in digital government. In case you missed it, the Martha Lane Fox review of Directgov and the wider government web estate went public  along with a response from Cabinet secretary Francis Maude, so ending a period of furtive speculation by those with a keen interest in the way UK government […]

More on Disqus and accessibility

Tweet A couple of months ago I posted in praise of cheap-as-chips comment engines Echo and Disqus – then followed up pointing out some of the potential downsides. Chief among them was accessibility, and I promised to share the results of an audit commissioned by BIS. Those results are now in, available on Scribd, and […]