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How do you converge yours?

[Warning. This post contains gratuitous before and after shots of website convergence] Tweet There’s more to closing down legacy websites than just assimilating them Borg-style into your main web platform using homogenous, corporate-branded templates. While that is one of the options, it’s at one end of a spectrum which can have many nuanced approaches between […]

Embedding third party code: the downsides

Tweet I thought I should quickly acknowledge a few responses I’ve had to my previous post on using 3rd party plugins like Disqus and Echo, pointing out some of the downsides. As well as this comment from Simon I’ve had two emails politely highlighting issues which – though nowhere near outweighing the benefits in my […]

Talk is cheap: on-platform user comments without need for costly development

Tweet A while back we were looking to enable user comments on pages of the BIS website by building bespoke functionality into our main platform. The intention, pretty much, was to replicate the lovely comment and moderation engine you get from WordPress within our own CMS, and be able to toggle it on and off […]

Digital is…

Tweet Below is an extract from something I was drafting yesterday – a long overdue catch-all digital communications strategy for that government Department I work for. I’d welcome your opinion on it. Is it too didactic, not didactic enough? Is it just stating the bleedin’ obvious or worth putting over like this? Is there more […]

Music discovery tools worth discovering

Tweet Appalled at the paucity of Ping? Here are a few online music discovery sources which don’t suck. Ghostly Discovery – frankly awesome iPhone app which helps you discover new music based on your mood, the sort of tempo you want and a sliding scale from organic to electronic. Last fm – You’ve heard of […]