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Death of the web team?

Tweet Where does responsibility for digital communications sit within a large organisation? That used to be a fairly easy question (“In the web team of course!”) but it’s not so simple any more. These days, it begs two rather more difficult questions: which bit of digital and what kind of responsibility do you mean? Digital […]

British Hallmarking joins BIS web platform

I just can’t resist blogging these before and after shots. The British Hallmarking Council website relaunched yesterday on the Department for Business platform which – as I am intent on banging on about – was designed by my team as a shared service for BIS and all its partner bodies. Here’s what their website looked […]

Digging digital government: recent major works and what they mean

Tweet Major works by Whitehall webbies in the past six weeks have repeatedly got top billing on No 10′s legendary grid, and even made front page news. This feels very different from even a year ago, when web teams had to work hard just to get their voices heard on the importance of the web […]