Going Pro: what web applications have you paid for, and why?

Stack of pound coinsWith the endless speculation about Twitter‘s monetisation plans and ample indications that most Twitter users *would* be willing to pay some hard-earned cash for their continued use of the service, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what web applications people currently pay for.

For my part, it has to be a pretty special tool to be worth forking out for, given the vast and ever-growing array of cool web 2.0 apps out there.

But I’m not averse, on principle, to ‘going pro’ with something that is life-changing, fully integrated into my world and which I would not now like to go without.

Twitter is definitely in that category, but what else? I’ve only gone pro with two apps, so far:

How much? $24/year
Why? Because Flickr is nicer to use than Picasa web albums, integrates neatly with my other social web profiles and this blog, I’d reached the limit on accessing my archives using the free account and outgrown the free 3 ‘sets’ Yahoo gives you, and for a backup of my precious photos somewhere in the cloud it’s a bargain.

rtmRemember The Milk
How much? $25/year
Why? Because RTM rocks, I have a Windows smart phone (for the time being) and the excellent RTM synchronisation program, MilkSync, is only available to RTM Pro users.

So what apps have you paid for, and why?

Steph is exempt having already answered on Twitter: “Flickr (for unlimited uploads) and Backpack (for more pages).”

Update: Some more answers have trickled in on Twitter:

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I pay for flickr pro – very usable and a reasonable price.
I would definately consider a “twitterpro” type thing if it was packaged well.
Now considering RTM again! S

Harvest http://www.getharvest.com for time recording, Huddle http://www.huddle.net for collaboration, TVTV tvtv.co.uk for remote PVR management!

Get Harvest an TVTV are new ones on me. Nice blog, Sal. I think I subscribed to you before but I’m now upgrading you to the one folder I actually get around to reading in my Greader.

I pay for Apple’s MobileMe service as I have Macs and an iPhone, so it ties everything in very nicely and I’d rather not go down the Google-dependency route so popular with so many. I also pay for Flickr, like you, and of course there’s the paying for domain names and site hosting as opposed to using free services like wordpress.com or blogger.com…

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Well honestly I paid for my Flickr account. Pictures a re a really important aspect in my life and flicker was a good deal for me for personal and official images.

Nice info.
But i think using flickr pro is not reasonable.
there are so many similar service we can get for free online.

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