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Survival of the flattest: how to futureproof your website’s IA

Tweet Whitehall websites are built on shifting sands. Reshuffles, changes to the machinery of government, and (until 2011) convergence projects mean that hundreds of pages of content could, at almost any time, suddenly have to be deleted from one government site and added (in suitably re-purposed form) to another. With that in mind I’ve been […]

Speaking (and listening!) at Government 2010

I’ll be taking part in a discussion panel on online consultation at Government 2010 on 22 October – alongside Harry Metcalfe, Tom Watson and David Price. The theme is: Digital Engagement is Everyone’s Job: Formal and Informal Consultation on the Web. I’ll be saying a bit about my experience and observations from the front line, […]

Defra and BIS websites: before and after

Defra and BIS quietly rolled out new corporate sites today. And they’re both vast improvements on the old ones – which were bland, text heavy and barely navigable in comparison as these ‘before’ screenshots show: Although to be fair, that’s the Defra homepage from 2001 and the DTI homepage in 1997 and at the time […]

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A bottom up open declaration

A “bottom up open declaration” could be interpreted in various ways.* But in the email from which I am quoting, it’s a pretty fair stab by Paul Johnston and David Osomo to describe their initiative to crowd-source a manifesto on Public Services 2.0 and present it to the EU ministerial e-government conference in Malmö on […]

New kids on the blog

There are three great new blogs from UK digital government folk which I urge you to check out, if you haven’t already. Digigov. COI‘s digital policy team has always been pretty good at consulting others on the guidance and governance documents it produces for public sector websites, but mostly behind closed doors …until recently. Having […]