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Seriously dude, WTF is social media? The NSFW presentation one year on

In one of the first ever posts on this blog I shared Marta Kagan‘s ever-so-sweary slide deck, WTF is Social Media. It helped my blog get off to a pretty good start, so it would be churlish not to post the sequel… What the F**K is Social Media: One Year Later View more documents from Marta […]

How to write a corporate Twitter strategy (…and here’s one I made earlier)

(Cross-posted from the Cabinet Office digital engagement blog, with thanks for the guest spot.) You might think a 20-page strategy a bit over the top for a tool like Twitter. After all, microblogging is a low-barrier to entry, low-risk and low-resource channel relative to other corporate communications overheads like a blog or printed newsletter. And […]

Weekend project: A gang of pot heads…

…has started hanging out around in my back garden, much to the delight of my toddler son. You will need: Enamel paints, clean plastic pots, compost and small things that grow. Tree stumps optional. Inspiration for this one came from The Dad Manual (an ace book which I’m slightly ashamed to confess I bought for […]