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Twitter police stop traffic

I was involved a short exchange of tweets last weekend about the Department for Transport’s debut appearance on Twitter. It began like this: Me: Congrats to the @transportgovuk gang for taking the Twitter plunge theimp67: @neillyneil Really? Bio for @transportgovuk says “Please direct queries via the ‘Contact us’ section of the website.” #fail For those […]

Crowd-sourcing online engagement plans for next week’s Digital Britain final report

<Update> Positive reaction from Computer Weekly to the way we published the DB final report. (Even if the credit was given to DirDigEng!) </update> Next week my department and DCMS will publish the much anticipated Digital Britain (DB) final report. Expectations from the technorati are high and I’m keen to make sure it’s supported by […]

Mission Technology or Helpful Creep?

DIUS and BERR have merged, and so have their websites. Well, not quite. But we’ve done the next best thing – rapidly developed an elegant interim homepage which uses the best of today’s agile web technologies to combine BERR and DIUS content into a single portal. At a cost of next to zero. Steph has […]

Found/interesting: 17 May to 2 June

Look what I found interesting. Crisis Communications for the Social Media Age – Also works as a guide to rebuttal 2.0 Swine Flu 2.0 : A Case For How Managing Social Media is a Matter of National Security – …and here’s a real-life case study from Ross Ferguson et al’s trans-Atlantic cousins Twitter’s hype is […]