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In The Loop: ever get the feeling you were being followed?

Armando Iannucci’s new film, In The Loop, is out on 17 April and promises, no doubt, to be a bitingly funny satire on British politics and communications. There. With that opening sentence and video I have done exactly what the PR company wants me and other bloggers to do as a result of their social […]

Sometimes They Nest… Some More!

Betty, my Speckledy hen, has gone broody. This means she will sit on the nest for about 21 days, not laying any eggs and barely eating. Which is a problem if you’re Rosie (my other hen), and want to lay an egg. And a problem if you’re Betty and don’t get enough to eat or […]

My house is on Google. My jaw is on the floor.

Google Street View went live for the UK yesterday. So I promptly did the only rational thing and went looking for my house. To my utter astonishment (given I live in little known Norbury), here it is, and what’s more I can pinpoint this photo to some time between May-July 2008 by recognisable features and […]

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Found/interesting: 9-20 March

Look what I found interesting. Working Together – Crime maps, schools comparison engines – it’s all go in the world of digital government. Good to see RSA using Australia’s favourite OSS CMS as the online response channel for this consultation. Tweeting for twouble – 12 good men and true …oh and all those Twitter users […]

It just goes to show you can’t be too careful!

I sort of agree with David Mitchell’s hilarious take on government seeking online feedback (hat tip: Kerry McCarthy) – at least where that feedback is sought on public services or ‘election issues’ like tax, transport and Clarkson. The low barrier to entry when commenting online does mean you get more than your fair share of […]