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And action! UKgovweb YouTubers – TAKE 22

I recently found myself compiling a list of central (-ish) government YouTube channels and thought it worth sharing. By my count, there are 22 of them. As has already been observed, it would be a damn sight quicker to compile a list of which bits of UK Gov are not on YouTube these days. And […]

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Three important links

I imagine one or two other things may have been published on the interpipes recently but none more important than these: Miniaturists: more reports form the fringe – The West End Whingers review my wife’s short play and single her out for a special mention: Thankfully the Whingers enjoyed practically all of it but special […]

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

…is highly ambitious, if not impossible, Mr or Ms imminent Director of Digital Engagement. Your job description – indeed this new job – is unquestionably the most exciting thing I’ve read and digitally engaged with since the last unbelievably exciting thing, in that it says: Within six months the Head of Digital Engagement will have […]

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Found/interesting: 31 Jan – 19 Feb

These are my links for 31 January through 19 February:

The Goverati??

From ReadWriteWeb: (hat tip Ross) What is the goverati? It is made up of people with first-hand knowledge of how the government operates, who understand how to use social software to accomplish a variety of government missions, and who want to use that knowledge for the benefit of all. I think us UK folk should […]