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Barcamp UK Govweb 09 – where to see the action

Whether you’re there or not, you might want to follow the live blogging and tweeting at the 2nd UK government barcamp tomorrow (Sat 31 Jan). The best place to do that is here. Edit: and here and here and here and here. I’m uploading photos now and will blog my reflections on the day… eventually. […]

How to keep hens and influence people

If I asked you for a list of reasons to keep hens in your back garden you’d probably rattle off a few good’uns. Eggs, you would rightly say. Better tasting ones at that. Reduced food miles, you might add if you’re the type. You might even guess that it’s fun, rewarding, and that hens are […]

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New blog theme for Mission Creep

Unless you’re reading this in your RSS reader, you can’t fail to have noticed the change of design. This is the excellent WP Premium, a confusingly named free theme from the designer of WP Remix.  It’s a bit less customised than my last one but a little more professional for that – the main reason […]

Want my old job?

It’s up for grabs. Advert is here if you’re a GCN member and here if you’re not. It’s truly a great place to do digital communications work, with a capable and enthusiastic team of webbies, a pretty impressive array of digital channels and a deputy director of comms who gets it. I’ve loved every minute […]

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Some of my best friends…

…are making fantastically listenable beepy ambient dub under the guise of Robodub. In his own words: Robodub has been messing about with cheap synths, delays units, drum machines and electric guitars for about 15 years. The recent purchase of a laptop has meant live performances are finally possible. (In Exeter only, for Robodub is also […]