Putting my mouth where my money is

So here’s wordpress blog #3,714,201, which makes me extremely late to this party and probably a bit unwelcome. But I did briefly drop in earlier (c. 4 years ago), and have not come back empty-handed. I am back because I want to…

I’ll be blogging quietly for a while until I get this all set up how I want it. There’s a chance I’ve bitten off more than I can chew trying to fit blogging in around everything else …but that’s the theme for the blog. Let’s see how it goes…

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Glad you took the chance, Neil. Hope you are well. Look forward to catching up in person sometime soon.

Welcome to the blogosphere Neil – am subscribed and happy to have another govblogger around!

Excellent – welcome, Neil. Will be really interesting to hear about life on your side of the fence.

Thanks everyone, I feel all warm and fuzzy.

…Now can anyone tell me how I edit the recent comments widget to add a space between the entries? Where are the default widgets hiding…?

Welcome! Looking forward to hearing and reading more

@Neil re spacing of items in the sidebar. Try adding this to the bottom of your stylesheet:

div#sidebar2 li {
display: block;

What does that do exactly? NB my stylesheet already had this:

ol,ul {
list-style: none;

Part of this theme’s design seems to be to suppress lists, and that was ok with me apart from the recent entries list which needed a space between each item. Mind you this is better than it was, so thanks.

Welcome to the tiny party, Neil!

Certainly good to hear that you have joined in Neil. we too have a similar blogosphere where we have most of our blogs in the region. anyway, keep up the good work with the site man. Cheers

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