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My favourite quote from Digital Dialogues 3

I love this line from the latest Digital Dialogues study, and have used it in three work presentations in the past week: People are talking online about issues in ways that can be meaningful to government and policy makers if only they would listen. Read the whole thing here. Nice one Laura, Barry and co. […]

BarcampLondon5 spillover

In a Mission Creep first, I’ve been asked to do a quick promotional post by one of my readers. Happy to be asked, happy to oblige. Harry Metcalfe, he of the gov-shamingly good, has arranged a BarcampLondon5 spillover for this Saturday 27 September. I will be there for the morning, 9am to 1pm ish, […]

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Love or hate the Communities and Local Government website?

We want to know either way via our survey, launched today. It’s just over a year since my  e-comms team (incidentally, the best team of webbies in Whitehall*) and I relaunched the Communities and Local Government website. We applied the principles of user-centred design back then, and we’re checking what the users think again now. […]

Twitter: How do you tweet yours?

Twitter, the micro-blogging site to rule them all, has introduced me to more relevant contacts more quickly than any other web 2.0 tool. Or other human being for that matter. Today over a late lunch I put another face to an @name by meeting one (actually, two) of my followers for coffee: Paul Carruthers, who […]

It’s my birthday

I am 32 today. I note with horror that I share my birthday with Guy Ritchie, he of god-awful films about made up London gangsters.