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How to be an interesting civil service blogger (and not get fired)

Starting up your own personal blog is dead easy. Unless you’re a civil servant and want to talk about your work. If you are, then you face this choice: play it safe and say nothing interesting ever, or do some homework to learn where the boundaries lie. As ‘Mr Newest Blogging Civil Servant UK’, I’ve […]

Mrs Neil on Radio 4 this Saturday

Obviously I think she’s choice all year round, but the Radio Times has picked my wife’s play as “Radio Choice” this Saturday (2.30pm). It’s the latest in a series of dramatisations of non-Poirot/Marple Agatha Christie novels for Radio 4, this one being Endless Night (this link contains spoilers). The RT says: “If it’s a drama […]

Embedding digital media: lessons from my father-in-law

My dad-in-law Geoff got a digital camera for his birthday last week. He didn’t ask for it. He probably didn’t want it. He does now. Having resisted all suggestions to ‘go digital’ for years, I’m pretty sure Geoff would happily have gone on with his 36 frames, 35 millimetres and 24-hour wait for a lucky […]

Blog action day

Via Dave Briggs and Tom Watson, I’ve stumbledupon blog action day 2008. Thanks guys, now I’ll have to think of something to think about poverty. In only 59 days. Suggestions welcome! (I think it’s a bad thing, generally). Here’s a video. Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty from Blog Action Day on Vimeo.

Want to work for me? I need a part time assistant web manager

There is a gap in my team for a part time assistant web manager, 3 days per week. Please spread the word to anyone (good!) who might be interested. The job ad is available here: On the GCN site On PR job shop We’re one of the busiest web teams in Whitehall, managing the website […]